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Greetings, colleagues. . .

I often find interesting articles through my LinkedIn account, and thought I would use the blog for sharing them with you. My goal in doing so is to create dialogue, so please comment, start a discussion on your campus or on our Faculty Advising commission listserve as you feel the need. My goal will be to do one post per month of this nature, and you’re most welcome to share ideas either here or via e-mail.

The 28 August 2012 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article titled Young Women Are More Likely Than Men to Aspire to College, and to Graduate by Jennifer Gonzalez. Ms. Gonzalez’ article references a study by the National Center for Education Statistics which concludes, as the title implies, that young women think about college earlier and have higher graduation rates than men.

Looking at the article with a “researcher’s eye,” it seems to me those conclusions open up worlds of possibilities for academic advising research! Anyone agree? Disagree? Have further thoughts? Please post them in the comments below.


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