Annual conference call for proposals

Greetings, colleagues. . . .

NACADA’s 2013 annual conference will take place in Salt Lake City, UT from October 6 – 9.  Although that seems like a long time away, the call for proposals will actually open in just a few short weeks on 10 December 2012.

Presenting at an annual conference (or any NACADA conference, for that matter!) is a terrific way to share your ideas and network with likeminded professionals.  I know budget times are tight for all of us these days, but getting a proposal accepted can be a compelling argument for attending the conference.

Last year, I did a one-day workshop for the colleagues at University of Nevada Las Vegas on preparing proposals for NACADA’s annual conference.  Additionally, I’ve presented at many NACADA conferences over the last several years.  So, if you have an idea for a proposal, I encourage you to submit it.  If you have questions about the process, please contact me via e-mail (


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