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Please check out this recent article in USA Today by Byron Acohido; in case you have trouble with the link, the article title is “Cyberbullying extends to workplace, bedroom.”  It was originally published in USA Today online on 18 February 2013.  We’ve seen a lot of media attention on cyberbullying over the last several months, but the practice has largely (but not wholly) been restricted to students.  This article raises a whole new dimension of cyberbullying–one that is at least as problematic as the recently publicized cases.

Here are some statistics, based on a survey of 4000 people, from Byron’s article:

  • 82% of respondents agreed that posting or messaging defamatory remarks about a colleague amounts to cyberbullying.
  • 9% disclosed incidents in which information gleaned from a social-media service was used to their detriment by a manager.
  • One in 10 respondents to [the] survey discovered secret discussions about them online were initiated by colleagues using social media.
  • 11% reported embarrassing photos or videos uploaded onto social-media sites.

In the comments to this post, or on the Commission listserv, feel free to share your own experiences with cyberbullying, as well as strategies you have used (or have advised your students to use) in response to it.

On an unrelated note, I hope many of you took time to submit proposals for NACADA‘s upcoming annual conference in Salt Lake City.  Those proposals are currently under review, so watch your email in the coming weeks for a response.


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