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College costs can vary widely and the numbers may surprise you.  Selecting a college is a major decision, and paying for it can impact you for years to come.  College Reality Check helps you get a get the information you need to make informed decisions. For any school within the US, find out the average of:

– How much you can expect to pay given your family’s income level
– How many years it takes students to graduate
– How much income students make in their first year after graduation and how likely they are to default on their student loans

Get started comparing the colleges you’re most interested in and see how they stack up:

We’ve seen a lot of attention paid recently to college rankings, “value for the money,” and the like.  And, while fiscal issues certainly don’t constitute the sum total of college selection criteria, they are definitely a key component in today’s economy.  What role do you think advising plays in helping prospective students select colleges and universities?  Does your campus employ any particularly effective advising-related strategies for student recruitment and retention?  Please share your thoughts in the comments and / or post them to our Commission listserve.  If you haven’t subscribed to the listserve, you can find directions for doing so here.


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