Competency-based transcripts

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Competency-based education has been around for decades; the idea that we should specify learning outcomes for class meetings, courses and programs has become part of our mental model in higher education, particularly when it comes to assessment.  But, Northern Arizona University has taken the idea one step further in the development of competency-based transcripts.  Please check out this Inside Higher Ed article by Paul Fain, which appeared on 9 August 2013 (the article is simply titled “Competency-Based Transcripts.”)  NAU’s idea is intriguing, and has some merits; but, like most educational innovations, it will likely be discussed and adopted slowly over time.

What do you see as the pros and cons of a competency-based transcript?  How could a similar tool be developed and used in academic advising?  Please share your thoughts in the comments here on the blog and / or on the Commission listserv.  If you’re not a subscriber to the list, you’ll find directions for doing so here.



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  1. kristanv

    from the faculty perspective, it seems like it would hold us much more accountable for our curriculum design and grading. i can hear complaints of academic freedom, market niche, and teaching to the test already forming…

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