College rating system

A recent article by Scott Jaschik in Inside Higher Ed laid out President Obama’s proposed plan for (among other things) tying various rewards to specific performance metrics.  The article, titled Obama’s Ratings for Higher Ed appeared in the 22 August 2013 edition, and can be accessed via this link.

In business, we say that ‘what gets measured gets managed.’  From an organizational culture perspective, the president’s proposal is attempting to change behavior, presumably hoping that values and assumptions will change as a result. Although the proposal has some good ideas, some of which have been around in higher ed for decades, it doesn’t address the organizational forces that have led to our current situation. Some of those forces include faculty unions determined to maintain the status quo, system and campus administrators seeking a ‘magic bullet,’ and some (not all) poorly prepared students with weak fundamental skills and attitudes of entitlement springing from the erroneous belief that they are customers.

How does advising fit into the accountability picture painted by the president’s proposal?  What comments do you have on the pros and cons of what he’s suggesting?  Please share your thoughts in the comments to this post and / or on the Commission listserv.  If you’re not already a subscriber to the list, you’ll find directions for doing so here; you can expect about one post a month from me on the list updating you on Commission and NACADA matters.

You’re also most welcome to register your opinion on the viability of the president’s proposal here; your responses will be completely anonymous.


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