NACADA’s strategic goals (1 of 8)

For the next few months, our commission blog posts will focus on NACADA’s newly adopted strategic goals.  Like strategic plans in many other organizations, NACADA’s plan is designed to guide the Association in the coming years; in other words, it provides direction for critically important decisions like resource allocation, evaluation & assessment and programs & activities.

I’ve worked with and for NACADA for many years, in many different capacities and roles. Like you, I believe in the importance of academic advising in higher education–the difference we, as advisors, can make in the lives of students.   I’m therefore very optimistic that NACADA’s leadership will indeed use the strategic plan for its intended purpose–not merely as an ‘exercise to complete’ every five years.

Michael Porter, of the Harvard Business School, wrote that businesses compete in two fundamental ways:  cost / price leadership and product differentiation. Although not a business, NACADA follows the latter approach; folks with a passion for academic advising, who seek to learn more about the field from both conceptual and applied perspectives and who want to advance knowledge that will inform practice for years to come would be hard pressed to find a better source than NACADA.

If you have comments or perspectives to share on the NACADA strategic plan as a whole, I hope you’ll take a few moments to share them in the comments to this post. And, I hope you’ll return to this blog next month, when we’ll take a look at expanding and communicating the scholarship of academic advising.


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