NACADA’s strategic goals (5 of 8)

Workng our way down the list of NACADA’s strategic goals, this month’s post looks at the Association’s goal to “create an inclusive environment within the Association that promotes diversity.”

In preparing this post, I came across the concept of a ‘diversity wheel.’ Here’s an example from Johns Hopkins University (


When I consider all the colleagues and friends I’ve come to know and respect through NACADA, I’m struck by the diversity of our Association. And yet, although we are diverse, we share a common goal:  helping students make the most of their college experience.

Do you have other ‘diversity markers’ to suggest beyond those in the wheel above? Would you like to share your own observations about diversity in NACADA?  If so, I encourage you to comment on this post.  Until next month, colleagues, my thanks to you for reading this post.


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