NACADA’s strategic goals (8 of 8)

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As we conclude our discussion of NACADA’s strategic plan, let’s consider the Association’s goal to “Pursue innovative technology tools and resources to support the Association.”

Information technology tools are as ubiquitous today as air and water–and, depending on whom you ask, at least as necessary!  The Technology in Advising Commission is a central force in helping NACADA achieve its goal.  The commission’s web site states:

This commission seeks to serve as a central resource and clearinghouse for information about innovations and issues in academic advising technology. Through our commission Web site, listserv (TECADV-L), and our social media platforms including our NACADA Technology in Advising Facebook Group, on Twitter (using the hashtag #AcAdv or #AdvTech), and at national and regional conferences, we actively seek to encourage NACADA members to engage in topical discussions and activities related to the uses of technology in advising. We encourage you to check out information on this web space and our active AdvTech Wiki.

Staying abreast of technology tools and appropriately using them in advising research and practice allows NACADA members to exploit synergies and serve our students better.  Whether via blogs like this one, social media platforms or simple email, technology is an important way to expand the Association’s reach and help our advisees grow into confident, competent professionals in their respective fields.

I hope this series on NACADA’s strategic plan has been interesting and beneficial to you, and I thank  you for reading it.


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