Minneapolis faculty advising sessions

Greetings, colleagues. . .

I hope many of you are making plans to attend NACADA’s upcoming annual conference in Minneapolis this October.  The Faculty Advising commission received nearly two dozen presentation proposals for the conference, and choosing which to recommend was a rewarding and challenging task.  Here are some of the sessions you’ll find at the conference this year:

  • Advising Students about Online Classes:  Questions for Success
  • Collaborating Across Disciplines:  Development and Assessment of Advising Resources
  • Faculty Advisor Training and Development:  A Blended Approach
  • Faculty Advisors’ Perceptions about Advising:  Comparing Faculty in Two Models
  • Faculty Multicultural Competence & Practices:  Lessons for Collaborative Advising
  • New Director of Advising, New Advising Centers, and New Faculty Advising Requirements:  How We Survived One Busy Year

My thanks to all the folks who helped review the presentation proposals, and my congratulations to the colleagues who were selected.  The annual conference will also include the usual Commission and Interest Group Fair, pre-conference workshops, poster session and many other opportunities to expand our knowledge and skill as advisors.  I’ll look forward to seeing many of you there!


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