My thanks

Greetings, colleagues. . .

This post will be my last as Faculty Advising Commission chair.  The last two years have been full of joys, challenges, accomplishments and disappointments; on balance, though, I wouldn’t trade the experience for any I’ve had with NACADA.  I really appreciate those of you who have contributed to the Commission over the last two years, whether through writing, reviewing proposals, suggesting activities, helping carry them out or in the countless other ways members have been involved.

In “passing the torch” to Dr. Kristan Venegas of the University of Southern California for the next two years, I’m filled with optimism about the future of the Faculty Advising commission and pride at the things we’ve accomplished together over the last two years.  I hope Kristan will, as commission chair, continue to benefit from your wisdom and enthusiasm for NACADA and the important role faculty advising plays in the lives of students.

My thanks and best regards. . . .



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