Welcome Back!

It’s been a while, and it’s time to shake the dust off this old blog!  A lot of things have changed for the Faculty Advising Commission since the last blog post in 2014.

First of all,  NACADA has gone GLOBAL.  In addition to serving academic advisors in the US and Canada, NACADA members have the opportunity to interact with advisors from many different countries at the International Advising Conferences held annually.

Also, there have been a few changes in personnel.  My name is Samantha Gizerian, and I’m a Clinical Assistant Professor at Washington State University.  I’m a member of the commission steering committee and the new coordinator for the blog.  Hi!  Thanks for dropping by!

The current chair of the commission is Dr. Calley Taylor, the Director of Student Success and Retention at Cedar Crest College.  Under Dr. Taylor’s leadership the commission’s steering committee is looking to find new and innovative ways to serve your needs as faculty advisors.  We hope that you let us know how we can help you!

Making faculty advising better depends on dialogue, and we hope to start communicating with you (not just TO you!) more often.  Be on the lookout for updates to the commission website, posts on the commission listserv (click the link to join!) and new posts here on the blog with questions, ideas, reflections and more.

If you want to join the conversation, you’re welcome to respond to posts, add comments, or write to the listserv at any time!  If you’d like to submit a blog post, email me (see the About link for my address)




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