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Videoconference slides & recording

On Friday, 31 January 2014 at 10 a.m. PST, I hosted a free one-hour webinar on academic advising.  The session addressed three main topics:  fundamental advising concepts, academic advising research and resources from NACADA.  The slides are available via Google Drive here; you do not need a Google log-in to access the slides.  Additionally, I …

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NACADA’s strategic goals (2 of 8)

In our ongoing discussion of NACADA’s recently approved strategic plan, this month’s blog entry looks at  the Association’s goal to “expand and communicate the scholarship of academic advising.”  To achieve that goal, we first need to understand the nature of “scholarship in academic advising.”  In his landmark and seminal book, Scholarship Reconsidered:  Priorities of the …

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Research idea

Greetings, colleagues. . . I often find interesting articles through my LinkedIn account, and thought I would use the blog for sharing them with you. My goal in doing so is to create dialogue, so please comment, start a discussion on your campus or on our Faculty Advising commission listserve as you feel the need. …

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